Shelley Kinnison

424 Falcon Ridge Court September 5th and 6th, 2014

Sneakin in a quick sale this week end at 424 Falcon Ridge court, up by the airport!! An entire household full! Furniture, household goods, hundreds of books, tons of craft items and yarn, kitchen gear, tools, freezer, refrigerator, and tons more!!  Friday and Saturday, 8 to noon. Help us out, we’ve got to leave it empty as always!!

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1448 Victoria Household Sale!!

1448 Victoria household liquidation sale! Some furniture but mostly STUFF!! Collectibles, more kitchen equipment than the average restaurant, Chantal cookware, vintage Majestic stove,  fridge, freezer, tools, garden supplies, outdoor furniture, Holland grill, so much tupperware it could be a tupperware store, books, Harley Davidson collectibles and lots of size large clothing, games, purses, tons of great quality bedding, and tons more! Friday and Saturday, July 18th and 19th, 8 to noon.  Check out all of the great photos!!

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In my top 10 of favorite sales I’ve ever done!

It is amazing how much energy a house carries from it’s owners. This sale has been such a joy to do because of the energy this beautiful woman has infused into each and every item in this house! I wish I could know her! Here is some more really, really good stuff from this amazing sale in Story, 8 to noon both days,  July 4th and 5th, 2014 in Story, WY, 79 Ponderosa, we will have lots of signs, bring your truck and fill er up!!

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Found a jewelry box full of treasures in Story, WY!!

Found a house full of jewels in Story WY. I thought I would be walking into a house full of cabin decor, imagine my surprise when I found all of these treasures! Join us for the jewel box sale 8 to noon both days,  July 4th and 5th, 2014 in Story, WY, 78 Ponderosa, we will have lots of signs, bring your truck and fill er up!!

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Rehab in Ranchester!! Wahoo!!

Real Estate Rehab has been a lot of places but never Ranchester!! That’s where we are this week, so you are gonna have to take a little road trip to come and see us!! This house is packed and stacked!! What will you find? Tons of furniture, king and Queen size beds, dressers, sofa and loveseat, rocking chairs, redwood outdoor furniture, huge dining table and side hutch, books, records, 8 track tapes, vintage linens, three racks of women’s clothing, tools, fishing equipment, shovels and rakes, sewing machine, doll house,  camping equipement and DISHES……………did I mention glassware??? Ooodles and ooodles of glassware!! Here are my very FIRST set of photos!! We only got through half of it!! :) Come and see us, 1336 Highway 345 (the old highway to Ranchester), if you take the Ranchester exit, then turn left on Highway 345 we will be 1/2 mile up the road!! I hope you will recognize our signs!! This Friday and Saturday, June 27th and 28th, 2014, 8 to noon both days, and as always help us leave this property empty and don’t ask prices cause you know we can’t tell!!

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1115 Illinois #C, 6/20-6/21/2014, Sheridan, WY

Super clean, in like new condition, everything in this sale is very nice!! Furniture, household goods, king bed, outdoor furniture, and a garage full of women’s clothing size XL, 1X and 2X in brand new condition, some with the tags still on!! Help us clean this out, 1115 Illinois #C, 6/20-6/21/2014 8 AM to noon, Sheridan, WY. Please don’t ask for prices cause you know we can’t tell!!

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1141Birch Ave, Sheridan 5/30-5/31/2014

Here’s the rest of the Birch Ave story! Tools, tools and more tools!! This garage would have made us girls cry but luckily there was a husband to the rescue and he save us!! In the meantime, we found a few more treasures for the sale!! Friday and Saturday, May 30 and 31st, 8 to noon!!1141 Birch Ave up by the cemetary, Gotta leave it empty as always!! Don’t ask for prices cause you know we can’t tell!!

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1141Birch Street, 5/30-5/31/2014

This sale is all over the place!! Two story house is packed, along with the garage, that has a shop over it, and then there is a back porch and a shed we haven’t dealt with!! Here is the first set of photos!! Stay tuned for MORE!! Friday and Saturday, May 30 and 31st, 8 to noon!!1141 Birch Street, Gotta leave it empty as always!! Don’t ask for prices cause you know we can’t tell!!

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Last chance at 508 East 5th Street!!!

Wow!! Thanks everyone for coming today!! Tomorrow, May 17th, from 8 to noon, is your last chance to get the goods at 508 East 5th Street!! And we have all of this good stuff left and more!! Come and get it, we have to leave this place empty when we go!!

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