How It Works

Real Estate Rehab will liquidate the estate with the following steps:  

  • Unlike an auction sale (which charges a percentage and labor fee on items liquidated), you keep all of the proceeds from the liquidation sale. We do not take a percentage. We charge only for our labor and advertising fees.
  • We advertise, promote and sell your items through a two-day sale and put-up directional signage the day of the sale. We advertise in the Sheridan Press, Country Bounty, and Swap Shop (radio program). But, social media, including Facebook has really changed the level of interest we garner by posting photos of premium items at the sale.
  • We unearth everything for the sale, sort, price and stage the entire house.
  • We staff your sale with our team and  provide a cashier who accepts cash, checks and if you choose major credit/debit cards. Staffers negotiate prices on Saturday only.
  • After your sale, either on the same day or the following day (or on a day of your choosing), we perform a thorough clean-out of any remaining items and refuse. The clean-out consists of delivering remaining merchandise to a local charity and thrift stores. Items not accepted by these venues will be taken to the local landfill.
  • For this service, we charge a fee, offset by the proceeds of the sale, which we anticipate will exceed your fee. In cases where the gross proceeds exceed your flat fee, we deliver you cash, checks and reimbursement for credit cards within five days of the sale.